Joellyn Rock’s artwork is exhibited in conjunction with NCECA 2012 in
Seattle this spring. The exhibit was curated by Deborah Paine and
Esther Luttikhuizen. It includes ceramic works from the Seattle and
King County portable works collections by artists Michael Lucero, Akio
Takamori, Robert Sperry, Kinu Watanabe, Julie Lindell, Ellie Fernald,
Margared Ford, Howard Kottler, Robert Milnes, Patti Warashina, Joyce
Moty, Gerald Newcomb, Gloria Dearcangelis, Ann Gardner, Deborah
Horrell, Debra Sherwood, Patrick Siler, Robert Fornell, Richard
Notkin, Glenda Scott, Joellyn Rock, Charles Krafft…and others.
“Enduring Clay” is on view in the Washington State Convention and
Trade Center, 2nd floor, North Gallery, 800 Convention Place. Gallery
hours are 5:30 a.m. to 10 p.m., daily. The show runs through April 9,