Multimedia art event featuring experimental video created in UMD’s new video studio, the Motion and Media Across Disciplines Lab.

Intern opportunities, some paid. Duluth/Superior non-profit

NCWP offers training to interns, volunteers and professionsal so that they can become “art leaders” and take this gift into the future and to the community they serve.

Art provides a calm and winning way for women and children to connect with their feelings, hopes, and goals. Creating art in a supportive environment offers a safe, personal, and non-threatening opportunity for survivors of violence to take time to relax and focus on themselves in the midst of crisis. The art that survivors make evolves into significant evidence of progress along their healing journey, reminding these survivors that they are capable of creating beauty and expressing emotions previously considered out of reach.


As a non-verbal form of expression, art is very helpful for young children who may not be able to find the words to describe their feelings. Art is also useful for women with cultural or verbal communication barriers, barring them from traditional mental health counseling.


Creating pieces of art offers a process of self-expression, self-exploration, and self-interpretation. Unlike art therapy, there is no therapist or other personnel responsible for analysis or diagnosis. Each participant is in charge of his or her own creative study. For women and children who have been living under the control of another human being, a simple art experience can provide a significant opportunity to find that they have the freedom to decide what they want to produce. By placing the authority in the hands of each participant, the “Art Enrichment” workshops build an environment where survivors can successfully support each other and take control in finding their own solutions.


Please consider joining us on this wonderful journey.  We need art interns (some paid hours available), volunteers, committee members, and board members.  Either mail in your application or call Jenn or Susan.   We look forward to meeting you.

Susan Meyers

Director, 218-590-1651

Jenn Salo

Assistant Director, 218-391-8926ac



Gloria Brush exhibition items

Gloria DeFilipps Brush, professor, art and design, had work selected for both the Online Digital Gallery D-ART 2014 for the International Conference Information Visualisation iV 2014 at the Universite Paris Descartes in Paris in July and the international Conference Computer Graphics, Imaging and Visualization CGIV 2014 in August at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. A panel of artists from the U.S., Canada, Australia, and London curated the galleries.

Eun-Kyung Suh exhibition items

Eun-Kyung Suh’s textile sculpture, “Yellow-Flow” has been exhibited at Weisman Art Museum at WAM@20. WAM@20 is an in-depth look at collecting and presenting art from a multifarious perspective. The 20 selection methods span from the traditional single curator to collective decision-making, from fact-based analysis to pure chance. Her work was chosen by Jeremy Messersmith.

For more information, visit

Eun-Kyung Suh’s textile work, “fragmentary memory” which was exhibited at Women Made Gallery Chicago, IL has been purchased by Margo Jeanchild, Chicago IL

Student employment in SFA for designers

social-media-assistant (2)


GD-Marketing-position (2)



Graphic Design Alum news Sierra Kamatchus & Logan West

Fatih Benzer & Jim Klueg exhibit “Signs & Wonders” at DAI

Signs & Wonders

BenzerKlueg Web


September 11 – November 2, 2014
Morrison Gallery
Reception: September 11, 5 – 7 PM
Gallery Talk: October 9, 5:30pm

Lawrence Weiner’s famous quote on the outside of the Walker Art Center states: “Bits & Pieces put together to present a semblance of a whole”. The statement is appropriate when looking at “Signs and Wonders”, the DAI’s fall exhibition celebrating the work of Jim Klueg and Fatih Benzer. Both these artists mine collective culture for images, language, and common references. Working in large scale wood panel paintings, Benzer draws from his background in Turkey and his work in the West to build bridges and connections that can co-exist, however tenuously, in his artwork. While working in the completely different medium of clay, Klueg employs visual and literary quotations that can resonate with a braod spectrum of gallery visitors.


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